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TW What do you make of this china-usa dialogue? CL This is 2nd most important meeting after Florida summit of Jinping and Trump

We basically want to implement what top leaders agree; Economic field is most important in bilateral relationships: China is 2nd largest economy, usa the largest - TRADE is not just about the beef chicken agricultural markets...But also natural gas huge market, the service sector eg financial services in china..But at same time openness should be mutual

TW there has been imbalance but some say the imbalance has been due to the political limits on each side to push forward for a real change in the trade structure =CL the fundamental issue is whether china and usa still compliment each other in terms of economic front- my answer is yes:

…basically media does not present balanced view of china, its important for media people and think tanks to explore the areas of cooperation, we should educate public on te whys of mutually beneficial cooperation being goal of what we inspire and search for instead of cynicism and dogmatism as intellectual excuse – we should look at the data for market exchange opportunities… we need a friendly environment in terms of economic and diplomatic relationship without which both countries will make each other vulnerable…more


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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 jack ma futures to market every youthful small enterprise

transparency note - we firts took a small holding in ali baba on hk stock exchnage which was taken over at 2$- we retained one fortieth of oor former holding when ipo offered ab at 80 dolars

rising expoential of jack ma
2008 we'd sponsored 2000 stdnets to stucy muhammad yunus when a debate between yunus and ma persudaed many of the studnets that jack ma could design 2.0 while yunus was best at manual netowrks

2017 latest jack ma has sponsored two by 3000 peope trainings in detroit and toronto - see www.gateway17.com; one of the 5 global 2.0 summit topics celebrated by xi jinping with 100 mations is what can bog dat small e-platforms help sustainability generation trade.. from 2018 china will be offering massive ecommerce training summits along with its other invetsment summits

in 2016 jack ma spent most of te yera preparing parts of chinas g20 concerned with valuintg hangzhou as one of china's top 5 win-win trading cities ; he launched the free trade digoital zone ewtp and has got signatures of presidents of malaysia and argentina to be the firts 2 nations to join china in freeing digital enterprsie trade; argentina is one of 5 most important partners to china in latin america;
bexcause it is the epicentre of francsican g20 2018 and is the largest land dedicated to prorteun poduce - note china's deperate desire to import beef; other latin american countries of pivotal importance to china

both brazil and mexico - see xaimen declaration of brics plus
chike - one of the first nations to recognise china, and with deep connections into unwomen and futures ofr education, as well as west coast connector of beltt across south america with argentjuina

panama - china is already 2ng biggest user of panama canal--

our belief is china wished every latin maerican countru to ebngage in win-win trade negotiatiins but these 5 natios offer benchmarks on areas that china knows how to helpo with

tell us chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk if you have any notes we can make like a scrapbook on what jack ma links around the world

 here's a transcript of what he said n a panel at clinton global (originally i was watching this because of muhammad yunus but well here's ma

jack ma speech circa 2010, when on a change the world panel that included muhammad yunus,

video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qV4Xs1YgwUw


I am thought of as a crazy guy in china,  a crazy name ali baba, crazy looking face, a crazy  business model - how can you do internet , ecommerce in china-

and the craziest speed we grow in ten yera from 18 people to 17000 employees

nobody believed china can do internet and ecommerce

we grow from zero member to 31 million small medium size businesses using our service

and 250 million consumers using our services

I think I am half crazy but I am not stupid

we are trying to do everything that is supporting people

I am crazy for the world we are doing by helping other people make a lot f money we make a lot of money

a lot of people think it is impossible to help small/medium companies, impossible to make money with them

but I think that 70% of innovation in this world comes from SME (small medium enterprises)

70% of the jobs are created by sme but they are not treated fairly

nobody help them . any government place ago people say we help sme but truly nobody takes action

so what we believe is using te internet we can help SMEs

I think in 20th century business was good for big size- large quantity, large capital large consumption

but for 21st C I believe in one thing : small is beautiful, you have to be flexible, you have to change yourself to meet the need of society, you have to do anything for the others instead of what others do for you

we created in last 3 yeras more that 1.1 million jobs- direct jobs in china -when I saw the hopes realized , the shining eyes of those people who hire 3 people, grow from hiring 3 to 30 or 50 people, the hapiness on their facesI thought this is more exciting than doing anything else

this is the sustainable innovation you can see , and I think the internet today truly can help them

10 years ago with out borrowing a cent from bank or government now we grow that fast, why is that ? because of the internet, because of innovation so our dream over the next 10 years we try to help more companies which we call garage companies, without a garage culture there would be no ebay, no google, no amazon

so what we want to do over next 10 years is create more crazy companies like ali baba

making sure innovations come out of them that they are sustainable

I believe china's hope is not state owned comanies it is private sector small medium size companies

I have another crazy idea I'll share with you - in my 10th anniversary last week we announced our aim to create another 100 million jobs for SME for the world in the nest 10 years- we will see ;

10 years ago people say you are crazy you borrowed $2000 now you grow that fast today 17000 employees who are all crazy - we just want to make another 100 million more jobs

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