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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Last Birthday party of The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant


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 Uploaded on Feb 15, 2009
Feb 08 : Dr Yunus discusses how Grameen as one of the world's safest banking system doesn't yet fit any of the organisational typologies permitted by US law. A year on in the midst of the 

  1. yunusgates

    by futurecapitalism3 years ago599 views
    Johannesburg to the left of Dr Yunus as you view. Mathematically the Future Capitalism logic of Muhammad Yunus - social ...
  2. globalgrameenisborn

    by globalgrameen3 years ago464 views
    launch of Global Grameen by Muhammad Yunus- you can spot most of the sustainability people I know ...
  3. onceinageneration

    by yambassador3 years ago211 views
    party with Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus 29 June 2009 - as dr yunus has helped millions of young people see, ...

  • MOOCyunus - from our 20 interviews with yunus what do we recommend youth should be demanding job-creating colleges seek yunus training inputs -
  • help yunus to make nursing the lowest cost collegiate study;
  • closing the power divides : help yunus celebrate with china (and any nation racing to linkin its villagers to any (let alone) clean power  how banks for the poorest can install millions of solar units;
  • grameen banking was the safest manual standard of barefoot community banking - as we all become inked in to a mobile age, how do we animate a debate in every country on lessons for making banking small enough to be youth job creating out of every community .Millennials world's biggest social business book club welcomes your collaborations- which yunus book are you reading- what questions or actions do you want to find collaborators around?..

About 400 of these books were sample to congress 2008 through our book-distributing partner results - how can and do better job in helping congress to understand POP with Pope Francise movements to end inequality - 23.24 september2015 DC

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  1. why has Britian been so poor at creating jobs for next generation since 1945?

    1 because of the fatal (and dumbing down) broadcast tv interactions of bbc (the 20th century's world's largest investment in media by and for the people) and murdoch
    2 because of unshackling itself from being world's reserve currency
    3 by gifting germany and japan a peace dividend of about 25% GDP but not claiming own peace dividend once it was clear that EU had evolved to stage where britain would never agian be a target of invitation
    4 destruction of what made london capital market work- ie structuring capital so that family's inter-generational savings were invested in next generation's productivity and community sustainability
    5 other -please post

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