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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

how to debate the motion

this was dad's main storlyline in the economist since 1972- so there's lots for the motion
today reports of the brokem abacus provided some alternative data though they did say they were aiming ti improve accounts on history of china value production to date not what could be innovated

online library of norman macrae--..
post industrial revlution in the economist from 1972 argued networking learning satellite economy 10 times more valuable than dead thing ecnmy- so should education be valued as 3% or up to 903% fo sustainability millennials economies - see debate to be beamed by 5 billion people's elearning satellite in time for un sustainability goals transfrmation era.  more notes specific to goals led millennials curriculum
..broken abacus  presentation video csis dc 15 sept to come

BOOK -frm new york's 

Broken Abacus? A More Accurate Gauge of China’s Economy

by Daniel H. Rosen and Beibei Bao | September 15, 2015Daniel H. Rosen and Beibei Bao independently re-estimate China’s economy in terms of nominal GDP. .

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