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TW What do you make of this china-usa dialogue? CL This is 2nd most important meeting after Florida summit of Jinping and Trump

We basically want to implement what top leaders agree; Economic field is most important in bilateral relationships: China is 2nd largest economy, usa the largest - TRADE is not just about the beef chicken agricultural markets...But also natural gas huge market, the service sector eg financial services in china..But at same time openness should be mutual

TW there has been imbalance but some say the imbalance has been due to the political limits on each side to push forward for a real change in the trade structure =CL the fundamental issue is whether china and usa still compliment each other in terms of economic front- my answer is yes:

…basically media does not present balanced view of china, its important for media people and think tanks to explore the areas of cooperation, we should educate public on te whys of mutually beneficial cooperation being goal of what we inspire and search for instead of cynicism and dogmatism as intellectual excuse – we should look at the data for market exchange opportunities… we need a friendly environment in terms of economic and diplomatic relationship without which both countries will make each other vulnerable…more


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Saturday, February 13, 2016

can anyone help analyse whether creaditease is best or worst case in china's end poverty banking systems

the founder of credit ease visited yunus several times promising to be an alumni of his- he won the entrepreneur competition hosted by uni of  maryland and chinese universities- his  model is very contextual - i cant work out if its the best possible end poverty banking model in china - do you know anyone who can help map this

here are some bookmarks

CreditEase equals the Business Value magazine of ...


Though CreditEase has always followed the philosophy of Professor MuhammadYunus, founder of the Grameen Bank and winner of the 2006 Nobel Peace ...

“'Dr. Yunus' in Chinese-style: build an advanced credit ...


CreditEase, founded in 2006 by Mr. Ning Tang, began to provide “student ... Refering to both the experiences of Dr. Yunus, Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in ...

宜信快讯4th Feb. 2016 No.2

The 2016 CreditEase Wealth Management Global Asset Allocation White Paper Release and Global Asset Allocation Summit Held in Beijing and Shanghai

On January 9 and 10, the 2016 CreditEase Wealth Management Global Asset Allocation White Paper (White Paper) Release and Global Asset Allocation Summit was held in Beijing and Shanghai. Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor of finance, global asset allocation expert, and White Paper joint publisher Randolph B. Cohen, global asset management expert Lindsay Wright, Tsinghua University Center for China in the World Economy Director Li Daokui, Haitong Securities Vice President Li Xunlei, IDG Capital Partners Founding General Partner Hugo Shong, CreditEase Founder and CEO Tang Ning, CreditEase Wealth Management Senior Vice President Hou Lin, representatives from noted international investment institutions such as the Carlyle Group, UBS Securities, Rosefinch Investment, and Tishman Speyer, and hundreds of CreditEase Wealth Management clients attended the event.

CreditEase New Year Party and Yirendai Listing Celebration

On the evening of January 15, the 2016 GATHERING: CreditEase New Year Party and Yirendai Listing Celebration was held at the Pangu Seven Star Hotel in Beijing. CreditEase Founder and CEO Tang Ning, Yirendai CEO Fang Yihan, partners and experts, and a number of CreditEase employees gathered for a lovely evening.

Interpreting New Regulations for the Internet Lending Industry, CEO Tang Ning Attends the New Financier Union Annual Conference

On December 29, the New Financier Union Annual Conference, organized by the Economic Observer, was held in Beijing. The conference was themed “Parting the Clouds: Responsibility in Finance.” Experts and leaders from traditional banking institutions, Internet finance institutions, and the financial industry participated in a discussion about the next stage of financial markets. CreditEase Founder and CEO Tang Ning was invited to attend, and provided a detailed interpretation of the Provisional Methods for the Management of the Business Activities of Internet Lending Information Intermediary Institutions (Opinion Draft) (also called Methods) released by the CBRC on December 28.

CreditEase Shangtongdai Presented at the Second World Internet Conference

On December 16-18, the Second World Internet Conference, entitled “An Interconnected World Shared and Governed by All,” was held in Wuzhen. Chinese President Xi Jinping attended the event and gave the opening remarks. World leaders from 8 countries, Internet industry leaders from more than 120 countries, as well as more than 600 Internet scholars and leaders attended this world-class conference.

CreditEase Wins the 2015 Most Competitive Financial Institution Brand Award

On December 2, the Internet Finance Forum and the 2015 (Seventh) Most Competitive Financial Institution Award Ceremony was held by China Business Journal at JR Coffee in Beijing. CreditEase CTO and Big Data Innovation Center General Manager Joyce Zhang, China Business Journal President and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) Academic Divisions Member Jin Bei, PBC Financial Research Institute Internet Finance Research Center Secretary General Wu Xuchuan, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Finance and Banking Researcher Huang Guoping, scholars, experts, and industry professionals attended the event and explored interdisciplinary and assimilative approaches to finance in the “Internet +” era. Joyce Zhang also represented CreditEase in accepting the 2015 Most Competitive Financial Institution Brand Award.

CreditEase Receives Zhaopin.com China Annual Top 100 Employers Award 2015, Winners List Displayed in New York Times Square

On December 11-13, the Zhaopin.com China Best Employer Annual Award Ceremony 2015 and the Sanya Forum were held in Sanya. The forum was entitled “New Employer Economics: Allowing Reform to Happen.” China Entrepreneur Club President Ma Weihua, SEEC Research Institute Director and former Deputy Administrator of State Administration of Taxation Xu Shanda, Zhaopin.com CEO Guo Sheng, CreditEase Human Resources and Administration Group Talent Development Deputy Director Huang Qinghai, and other business leaders, experts, and media attended the event to discuss new trends in employer-employee relationships. CreditEase, Baidu, and China CITIC Bank all won awards at China Annual Top 100 Employers Award 2015, which were jointly announced by the Peking University Institute of Social Science Survey and Zhaopin.com.

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