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TW What do you make of this china-usa dialogue? CL This is 2nd most important meeting after Florida summit of Jinping and Trump

We basically want to implement what top leaders agree; Economic field is most important in bilateral relationships: China is 2nd largest economy, usa the largest - TRADE is not just about the beef chicken agricultural markets...But also natural gas huge market, the service sector eg financial services in china..But at same time openness should be mutual

TW there has been imbalance but some say the imbalance has been due to the political limits on each side to push forward for a real change in the trade structure =CL the fundamental issue is whether china and usa still compliment each other in terms of economic front- my answer is yes:

…basically media does not present balanced view of china, its important for media people and think tanks to explore the areas of cooperation, we should educate public on te whys of mutually beneficial cooperation being goal of what we inspire and search for instead of cynicism and dogmatism as intellectual excuse – we should look at the data for market exchange opportunities… we need a friendly environment in terms of economic and diplomatic relationship without which both countries will make each other vulnerable…more


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Monday, June 6, 2016

why china youth will determie where goes the world at sustainability crossroads -usa text 240 316 8157

dear amy, and friends

just rewind america's history over roughly last 25 years as it had first chance to play on world wide web, software languages, number 1 home pages, what anti-social tools you facebook with etc

just over 25 years ago worldwide web appreared 
a first generation (zero apps) mobile phone started to be  common in rich countries by 1995
dotcom businesses started to spawn late 1990s
by about 2006 smart (apps laden) mobile and likelihood that every human being would be connected by mobile emerged

over all of that time what has america done
it collapsed dotcoms , and various utilities -more at The Cluetrain Manifesto 

it has mainly closed sourced software 

it went to war
it continued to carbon guzzle 
to this day finding any other concept of community thn a walled one is very rare in america, and guns well what chance do disadvantaged inner city black or latino youth have 
it collapsed banks
it has chained college students to such  enormous debt that the only way out is to work for very short-term purposeless organsiations  

phew 2016 now
well only china has the resources (and enough of a united identity) to take a different route
every chinese student imprisoned in big expensive usa colleges takes away the likelihood that young china will take a different route

and yet there is this neighbour bangladesh (built by the poorest mothers of the world) which offers a different route; which actually links in american supercoders (MIT and dubai legatum) to this opposite route -one that half the woprld's population living on 1% of planet will need first if i understand climate maths (which I dont make any claim to)

and there is really only one family left that is the source of bangladesh's valuation of youth and especially girl empowerment (the most undervalued skils group of the 20th centiry)- and you with yuxuan are the only 2 chinese girls to get a chance to exchange dreams and actions with that family, and even belated 80th birthday wish of sir fazle abed which is youth leadership (see the birthday write up you were given again not one that any chinese has yet seen)

amy- what i am not saying is thats all on you - but why not find thousands of young chinese (girls) who do want china to lead the world back to humanity (probably about 50 lurk within diannes connections)-  but far more broadly why not do that by creating youth friendshsips around 4 common languages every under 30 needs most
english chinese mother tongue and coding 
-this can scale peer to peer on skype -it can be the great almost free learning economy uniting the half of the world that is under 30s in going beyond the highly bordered world that elders externalised (arguably because that was all that pre-digital days could integrate)

anyhow if people like john caswell or ian ryder or jeff and james devlin say my family's logic is false, so be it

deservedly, i am the fool that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more

but otherwise "make young china will sustain the world" the story you tell whever you feel safe to do so, wherever you are with people you trust, maybe wherever sam can find you a tv screen or king a ten second youtube, and when young peer pressure says thats nonsense either  unfriend them or try and work (open space) out what system trap they are stuck in that is blinding them - we 7.5 billin humans need china to be the collaborative youth leader the world to a different space than american youth (trumped or clintoned) can lead

one of the few founders of modern advertising (profesisonal communications) that i trusted was called leo burnett - he had 100 sayings of which my favorite was 

reach for the stars you may not get one but you won't end up with a handful of muck either- 

if we no longer live in an age where youth can reach for the stars then we may as well bet against the human race having many more generations - thats what creative youth as the last of 3 generations determining sustainability seems to me to be at the action networking crossroads of

best chris

a few others- you really dont need to study journalism at columbia if you practice leos

what helps people, helps business

the sole purpose of business is service - the sole purpose of advertising is explaining the service that the business renders
 sadly by the time that leo burnett agency was the first official partner of brand chartering leo was gone, and the top people wanted to do image of chartering not the reality- my one visit to their head office in chicago was a bit of a bummer but not as bad as my one lecture to harvard business school- chris=- you may be right but there are no research funds in your kind of work so go away.. 

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