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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

happy 21 again to me and...
thank you beijing for the 7 most exciting journeys of my life
7 to jeju korea  hosted 2nd governors summit of beijing led asian infrastructure investment bank
6 to observe belt road firum
5 to participate in 3 extroardinary meeting hosted by romano prodi and hunbdereds of the brightest students i have ever met - sopcial shoutout to lily at bridges cafe
4 to attend the most exciting education sumit i have experienecd wise@beijing
3 to watch china g20 on tv - back in usa there wouldnt have been a minutes coverage
2 to help chiense ediprs of lanuch the sino-brac newsletter
1 to chat to tsinghua alumni and student coorinatiors of

and thanks to jack ma for the only summit in usa i have been able to find of more collaborative and actionable good than harm this century

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