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July 2017 china us economic dialogue – interview CGTN Tian Wei, Brookings Cheng Li (author Jinping diary to 2020 &china thinktanks)

TW What do you make of this china-usa dialogue? CL This is 2nd most important meeting after Florida summit of Jinping and Trump

We basically want to implement what top leaders agree; Economic field is most important in bilateral relationships: China is 2nd largest economy, usa the largest - TRADE is not just about the beef chicken agricultural markets...But also natural gas huge market, the service sector eg financial services in china..But at same time openness should be mutual

TW there has been imbalance but some say the imbalance has been due to the political limits on each side to push forward for a real change in the trade structure =CL the fundamental issue is whether china and usa still compliment each other in terms of economic front- my answer is yes:

…basically media does not present balanced view of china, its important for media people and think tanks to explore the areas of cooperation, we should educate public on te whys of mutually beneficial cooperation being goal of what we inspire and search for instead of cynicism and dogmatism as intellectual excuse – we should look at the data for market exchange opportunities… we need a friendly environment in terms of economic and diplomatic relationship without which both countries will make each other vulnerable…more


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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

more from Tian Wei interview of Cheng Li

China emphasis on service sector development and market reform particularly on domestic consumption is very much in line with us interests; at the same time when trump admin wants to emphasise infrastructure development this opens a large market for china because china’s infrarstructure development is way ahead of the world (just one statistic last year china investment in infrasctructure was moré than the whole of the 10 year plan of trump)
TW potential is one thing – how to do it and whether they are going to do it is another thing –so some people talk about Washington tuhe politics of paralysis = how much ftreal will trump admin be able to focus
CL a lot of people still quite cynical including the business community ( not to mention congress military security) even business community lot of concern thinking market is not open but the problem this cynicism is more to do with American politics- so its important that Donald Trump to deliver with his getting a good deal, so explain to american public why engagement with china is beneficial – trump has good reason to deliver because the trade can be a win-win
TW for trump to deliver, what? Because his earlier promises are certainly nit gloing to be constructive = he talked about china as currency manipulator during the campaign, he also talked about exercising heavy duties on imports from china –when governing he has changed so far but question is: on long term goals maybe the 2 countries see eye to eye but for nearer terms there are different goals the countries have they cannot see eye to eye on the very specifics and those are the things blocking the chance to a better potential
CL let me put that another way, the meeting between the 2 top leaders jinping and trump went very well, and both leaders not only established friendship/chemistry but determined to get something done and to deliver to chinese and american publics that relationships should be win-win – there is no other alternative- the problem is there are a lot of bureaucracies and cynical people – so this is a period to show that mutually beneficial economic relationship is still the norm not the exception – when we look we should see tax reform, infrastructure can be linked to conducive policies with other countries so china can be a good showcase for him and so in next few months he can really reinforce this – so the current mechanism is the comprehensive economic dialogue – now I am not so cynical about achievements of this meeting –put in it in context of very difficult environment in china and usa both are in middle of economic structure change both are subject to domestic populism (we should nit let others benefit form us) the important thing to see is that in next levels of development china and us have lots of area to cooperate
Tw but you mention cynicism – you see that in polutics particularly in washington will get government aperatus to work to achieve the goals of teir own president
Cl important is story about china , us-china relationship is distorted in american media, there are too many criticisms of china

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