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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

back in 1944 teenage norman macrae served in royal airforce navigating planes over what was the called burma and east india now myanmjar/bangladesh -while some people know norman best for starting the 50 year curriculum entrepreneurial revolution in 1968 (would the net generations of 21st be sustainable, now emerging as ER the world record book of job creators); norman worked on east west reconciliation all his life- apart from navigation knowledge, and having lived in british embassies in places increasingly run by stalin and hitler during the 1930s - he married the daughter of sir kenneth kemp who mediated gandhi for 25 years berfore writing up legalese of india';s indpendence; surviving war, norman was mentored on end-povert system design by keynes and became The Economists's end poverty correspondent for nearly half a century ;and from 1960 norman celebrated how japan and then much of the east (china above all from 1077) developed peoples in win-win world trade economies never seen in the previous age of empire and guzzling carbon as main correlator of which nations grew biggest -help (rsvp isabella@unacknowledgedgiant.com ) co-edit one of 20 regional and practice blogs eg Economistchina.net thanks china - from 3.5 billion sustainability students  on markets whose purpose has most impact on human sustainability - eg health education food security safety big data small digital ...

norman sponsored 2000 student copies of muhammad yunus book social business in 2007 as well as hosting a london briefing of 40 economist and other freidns at royal automobile club feb 2008- 10000 yunus dvds - 20000 coipes of journal of social business mainly edited by adam smith scholars out of glasgow university

one of yunus ideas was a superport and corridor at cox's bazaar - this could unite trades between china, myanmar, bangladesh- norman recalled that the americans had developed
cox's bazaar a bit during the war - so the idea sounded like an urgent one connecting yunus other big idea that bangaldesh has end poverty microfranchsie solutions (mainly proven by sir fazle abed) that the two big giants china and india could trade with other things bangladesh needed

update now ten years later we have rohinga crisis starting up UN year of 2017-2018 although border policy (china sometimes accepted) of ever big region especialy eu has been maddening- nb in 1950! a brilliant postgrad with tutors who still understood keynes was manmohan singh - his postrdauate thesis how to stop comjpouunding underclasses across neighbors borders as well as within our nation- it would seem that global 1.0 went backwards on this and has taken us to the verge of losing sustainability

we have pope francis visiting the region end of novemnber
we have talk of a bangladesh china india myanmar corridor

this is a desperate refugee crisis that needs 1 humanitarian attention 2 policy attention- its made much harder by not antcipating it 10 yeras ago
but lets hope goodwill on all sides will come now that the UN is led by someone who has worked in refugee fields for a long while

 Chris Macrae commented on this
Today I visited the Bangladeshi shelter camps for the rohingya who was forced to flee Myanmar.


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