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Thursday, October 5, 2017

i believe the next 12 months is critical in maximising Chinese and English speaking youth's impact. In the 1990s I was working at the big management consultancies in london and my book brand chartering on valuing the most purposeful organisations influenced the 3 biggest ad agencies. Martin Sorrell WPP hired me for 18 months around the turn of the millennium. The dotcom boom and bust was a mixture of 3 systemic dynamics which were not primarily youth's fault:

financial greed

extraordinary community building ideas but with no western collaboration network, no united regional vision among public servants nor their media

technology which was very immature in connectivity

It seems to me that the great good fortune for China and potentially all sustainability generation is that China's mobile startup boom came a decade later with much more tech connectivity and the Chinese billion-persons demand for social innovation and people-centric development. While i have been tracking the values of Jack Ma since 2008 when he challenged my family friend Muhammad Yunus to who would create next 100 million jobs, i am fascinated to find that each of the founders of the BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) are driven by different values than the owners of america's biggest internet properties

My family and friends aim to publish a booklet on 50 world record job creators coming from China and the East - as part of a debate that China is offering all nations one last chance to get back to sustaining communities, and directionally positive expoential orbits on all 17 goals by 2030. I don't seen any reason to be modest about how totally different China's two centenary goals are than the way eg wall street values the biggest organisation it invests in. As UN head Antonio Guterres said at the Belt Road Forum in May - this is the global2.0 we actively want to unite peoples round. To understand the race for big data small (to beat off big data big) i recommend to everyone that they attend one of jack ma's www.gateway17.com - a one day training session which changes 3000 peoples belief in what is possible at the same time

Starting with pilot at Columbia University, and a few contacts i have made after 7 visits to Beijing, . I am aiming to help students develop student union clubs on 7 applied-social wonders of the way forward if you value china's vision. For example while big data small tech is one of jack ma's wonders, his sponsorship of the olympics is an opportunity to celebrate all the graetest community action networks such as Thorkil's network for creating 1 million jobs for people with autism. Equally my fathers' alumni at The Economist  see Belt Road as a 21st C worlwide geo-economic curriculum that needs to be explored from 5th grader up.

If there are ways we could help each other, and connect Chinese and English speaking youth in unstoppably mediating china's visions, I would love to discuss further with any of you, anywhere anytime

many thanks chris macrae
washington dc 240 316 8157

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