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Thursday, April 4, 2019

The former WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy gave a speech at CCG to discuss the WTO reform and the future of the multilateral trading system

On March 25th, CCG held a round-table seminar on the theme of “WTO Reform and the Future of the Multilateral Trading System” at its Beijing headquarters. At the meeting, Pascal Lamy, former Director General of the WTO and Chairman of the Paris Peace Forum, delivered a speech and discussed with many experts in the field of trade on the status quo and predicament of the WTO, the challenges facing the WTO reform and the improvement of the multilateral trading system. Exchange discussion more

Former US Treasury Secretary, Former Harvard President Summers and Harvard Kennedy School of Government Founding Dean Allison gave a speech at CCG

On March 22, 2019, the Global Think Tank (CCG) hosted the 2019 Harvard China Alumni Public Policy Forum and CCG Roundtable Seminar at the Beijing Headquarters. Former US Treasury Secretary, Harvard former president Lawrence Summers, and Graham Kennedy School of Government founding president Graham Alison gave speeches respectively, and deeply analyzed the global trade situation and Sino-US relations with the elites of the political and business circles. Explore the development of global economic and trade policies and foreign relations. More

Global Think Tank (CCG) Report Collection

CCG's recent report, the electronic version of the journal is more

Wang Huiyao, Director of CCG, was invited to give lectures to the think tank of China Pudong Cadre College

On March 7, 2019, Dr. Wang Huiyao, Director of the Globalization Think Tank (CCG) was invited as the teacher of the Pudong Cadre College in China. For the third consecutive year, he gave lectures to the China Pudong Cadre College “Special Seminar on the Construction of New Think Tanks with Chinese Characteristics”. More

CCG Chairman Long Yongtu and Chairman Wang Huiyao were invited to visit the Japanese Ambassador to China

On March 6, 2019, Dr. Long Yongtu and Chairman of the Global Think Tank (CCG) Dr. Wang Huiyao were invited to visit the Japanese Embassy, ​​with Japanese Ambassador to China Yokoi Yu, Minister of Economic Affairs Iida Bowen and Minister of Economic Affairs Shi Yue Hero. The embassy officials exchanged views and received warm reception. More

Where is globalization going: big change and China policy

This book is a collection of China's "Think of Think Tanks", covering the systematic interpretation, reflection and expectation of globalization, and encompassing the "China Program" in the eyes of scholars in the field of globalization in the world, aiming to contribute "China's wisdom to the world and to globalization." "With the "China Program", it is of great significance to the implementation of China's globalization strategy in the era of "human globalization." More

Big tide: Chinese companies "go to the sea" for forty years

This book reviews and summarizes the 40-year globalization journey of Chinese companies, points out the top ten “going out to sea” paths, and proposes corresponding suggestions based on the challenges of corporate globalization. The publication of the book aims to provide suggestions for the "going out" business, contribute more to the globalization of Chinese enterprises, and is of great significance to the future development of Chinese enterprises. More

The three sessions: historical memories of 77, 78, and 79

After researching nearly 600 "three-time" elites, the book found that they are distributed in various fields of political and business studies, and most of them have become the mainstay of the industry. 33% of them have become leaders of universities and research institutes, and 29% have become government officials. 15% became university professors and 14% became entrepreneurs. More

Chinese Enterprise Globalization Report (2018)

The Report on Globalization of Chinese Enterprises (2018) is the result of CCG's continuous investigation of the globalization of Chinese enterprises for five years. This report combs and analyzes the overseas development of Chinese companies from theoretical research to empirical research. The book consists of a general report, an evaluation article, a survey article, a feature article, a countermeasure article, a case article, and an appendix. More

World Chinese Business Development Report (2018)

The World Chinese Business Development Report 2018 is the second system that CCG launched after the World Chinese Business Development Report 2017 to study the development of Chinese businesses and their businesses worldwide. The research scope of this report not only covers the Chinese business groups on all continents, but also covers Chinese enterprises that go global. The research content is extensive, systematic and holistic. More

Great country think tank

"Great Country Think Tank" is a book that combines theory and practice, thinking and field research and focusing on the status of the world's think tanks and the development of Chinese think tanks. This book is based on the development of the world's think tanks. China needs to have a think tank that matches China's rise as a rising power. The maturity and development of think tanks will help China's great powers rise. The author personally visited more than 30 mainstream think tanks in North America and Europe, and inspected the world's leading think tanks. On this basis, the book studied and analyzed the development status of think tanks at home and abroad under the background of globalization, and summarized the development experience of foreign think tanks. Put forward the problems existing in the development of domestic think tanks, and put forward corresponding policies and practical suggestions based on typical cases and the practical experience of the author's ongoing construction and operation of Chinese think tanks. More

Out of the tide

When the spring breeze of the market economy blew, private enterprises “give a little sunshine,” and experienced barbaric growth. They also experienced big waves and sands, and a number of famous enterprises such as Lenovo, Huawei, Sany Heavy Industry, and Fuyao were born. It is worth noting that in recent years, the aura of foreign companies has gradually faded, and the attractiveness of private enterprises has increased. Many foreign companies have been recruited by private enterprises. They have international work experience and will help private enterprises to better expand overseas territory. More

China Goes Global: The Impact of Chinese Overseas Investment on Transforming Business En

Mainland China enterprises are going global, transforming the country from a manufacturing export platform into an overseas investment powerhouse. China Goes Global is the most thorough and up-to-date empirical analysis of the accelerating effort of Chinese companies to go global by investing overseas. More

"Israel Valley" - the shield of science and technology is a country of innovation

Because of the lack of natural resources and the hostile attitude of neighboring countries, Israel has chosen a path of technological rejuvenation and has taken the lead in important high-tech fields such as military equipment, communications and information systems, biotechnology, environmental science and other fields. Market position. On the NASDAQ exchange, only 8 million people contribute 147 listed companies, second only to the United States, Canada and China. More

International talent competition strategy

The "International Talent Competition Strategy" is one of the series of books compiled by the Central Party Construction Materials Publishing House, "The Talents Power Research and Publication Project, and the Foreign Talent Development Series". It belongs to the "12th Five-Year" National Key Publications Publishing Project. This book was initiated by the China and Globalization Think Tanks in the first half of 2012. It was officially published in May 2014 after two years. More

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