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Monday, July 27, 2015

from economistuniversity.com- project : partners in world record book of job creation

Ma, Jack
Ma (as far as our research shows) is the only internet billionaire to declare that his life's purpose is about creating jobs- hundred millions fo them. It could be very interesting if he segments a different billionaires club from those around Bill Gates

Whos' Ma Who?
Ma might linkin open source alumni networks such berners lee and mit: bottom-up system designers such as mobile women4empowerment; youth hubs and other open learning campus using opposite models than trap students in debt and examination certificates.

Since the turn of the millennium starting with the dotcom boom the whole truth is over 90% of western investments  (and professional rules)  has not been focused on sustaining community nor accelerating open learning even though that is the only above zero-sum game that spending over 4000 times more on global communications tech 2030 vs 1946 can lead to. What a sustainable net generation urgently needs is a distinctive eastern vision of what borderelss connectivity can lead human lifetimes to be spent n.

Berners Lee and MIT / Boston as meta-hub of  heroic millennial purpose
"The Web as I envisaged it, we have not seen it yet. The future is still so much bigger than the past." Tim Berners Lee 

Since The Economist's  Keynsian and economics editor first saw students experiments with elearning networks in 1972, the core goal (and mapping timelines) of entrepreneurial revolution : millennials' net generation entrepreneurial freedom, livelihood happiness, and sustainability depends on designing the net as the smartest open systems media . Note how this calls for opposite valuation metrics to those subliminally embedded in the dumbing down and attention-destroying dynamics of mass tv age. In 1989m When Tim Berners Lee launched the worldwide web, the search for open learning media appeared core to humanity's journey of spending 4000 times more on global village communications tech (2030 versus 1946). Who continues today as an alumni of Berners Lee in this quest.

Good fortune has it that that Berners Lee uses MIT as his meta-hub. Search for sub networks that can most win-win with Berners Lee such as:
The student entrepreneur competition networks which MIT is a world leader of and which have made its alumni the number 1 job creating startup network out of usa

Alumni of the media lab- from the origin of negropronte's experiment in $100 laptop to mobile becoming pivotal connection - see book sorcerers apprentice which you can use to map your own square mile tour around kendall station to headquarters of future industries

Alumni of legatum school founded by the family (quadirs) that co-innovated village mobile phones with muhammad yunus  supplying the coding and tech wizardry

Development labs that abdul latif does most to sponsor practice debates on ending poverty - great updates with annual summits of dlab for each class year of MIT

The overall values of MIT that open everything is good for the next generation and designing a start up or massive collaboration network is more valuable for postgraduates than examination certificates

Boston's confluence of MIT and Partners in Health (with its determination that Preferential Option Poor can be designed to any profession not just health) makes its microfranchise and open source ecosystem unique for millennials to interact and celebrate.  Consider the example of the curiously named millennials network Ypchronic -its networked by health students who explore every global market social impacts on wellbeing physically or mentally.

Boston is Wicked Cool as the most practically exciting future capital in the usa, - and worldwide for engineers and architects of 3rd millennium empowering search's collab win-wins around sustainability exponentials generated by smart media.

Abdul Latif (d)
Millennials linked into innovations celebrated by Abdul Latif's microfranchise investment network face some of the most extreme challenges of our times:

Saudi Arabia and middle east has too much sun and too little water - this isnt a driver of western science. Note eg how little funding goes into photosynthesis -nature's biggest sustainability system freedom

The idea that sustainability's greatest entrepreneurs often start with nothing other than the trust of  communities whose lives depend on urgently searching and co-creating a solution has often been off the radar of rullers in the Middle East -that is until AL had the courage to celebrate and fund arab youth entrepreneur competitions

The Japanese (nb abdul latif evolved as middle east's toyota dealership) have provided sustainable world leadership in sceond half of the 20th century when they have achieved glocal trust. Exquisite patience is needed to osmose a local culture's needs with a global future purpose of a market sector- in this case cars. Imagine some of the osmosis yin and yangs: the nation that has spent least on arms with a region that has spent the most; the nation that owns next to no oil with the region whose economy is driven by oil; an island nation that is truly a treasure trove of nature and local accessible nutrition sources with a subcontinent that is mainly barren and where agricultural self-sufficiency is an unreasonable goal (or not one assisted by western research's opposite climactic resources)

Spaces for 21st C Middle East Wonders
A dynamic making networks of Abdul Latif exceptional is that it has developed much of its microfranchise innovation research with MIT's wicked cool millennials. See newest investments in MIT Water Lab; celebrate with each class of MIT that action networks the annual DLAB summit ... In Parallel, Dubai's legatum sponsors much of mit's most exciting mobile innovations linked into the family that changed development for ever by bring mobile partnerships to the poorest and most disconnected peoples on earth.

India MH AS AM

SA: Amma has exchanged more joyful hugs with more millions of disadvantaged people than anyone alive today.

In India Amma's calling started in her youth. The international vyage has been a long one too - eg her first US Ashram was opened near San Ramon CA 1989. Culturally, her open faith in every individual being may only be emulated in the 2010s by Franciscan  Preferential Option Poor

Through her life's process wonderful things have happened around her networks' meta-hub in south india www.amma.org. These include:

Poverty solution and womens empowerment movements have aligned around her, as have some scientists

E The former Indian president Kalam, who led the 2020 vision at start of 3rd millennium, donated more than half a year's salary to her, and  as the nation's chief scientist inspired many innovation leaders to match his example

Amma has been linkedin by scientists, from universities in Singapore to Oxford to Stanford ..,  who want to reconnect spirituality with valuation of their life's work. Amrati is the world's epicentre of extreme innovation in nanotechnology- surely the science that Einstein and his pen-pal Mahatma Gandhi would nw back as sustainability critical

The UN Academic Impact value partnerships projects with Amrita University as exponentially unique across its transformation compass of millennials' sustainability goals

AS AM : Intercity millennials clubs of Amma are collaboratively more joyfully grounded than any young alumni action network that I have so far found in 20 years of searching the web