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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

how to debate the motion

this was dad's main storlyline in the economist since 1972- so there's lots for the motion
today reports of the brokem abacus provided some alternative data though they did say they were aiming ti improve accounts on history of china value production to date not what could be innovated

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post industrial revlution in the economist from 1972 argued networking learning satellite economy 10 times more valuable than dead thing ecnmy- so should education be valued as 3% or up to 903% fo sustainability millennials economies - see debate to be beamed by 5 billion people's elearning satellite www.yazmi.com in time for un sustainability goals transfrmation era. http://www.un.org/ga/search/view_doc.asp?symbol=A/69/700&Lang=E  more notes specific to goals led millennials curriculum www.amychina.net
..broken abacus  presentation video csis dc 15 sept to come

BOOK -frm new york's http://rhg.com/research 

Broken Abacus? A More Accurate Gauge of China’s Economy

by Daniel H. Rosen and Beibei Bao | September 15, 2015Daniel H. Rosen and Beibei Bao independently re-estimate China’s economy in terms of nominal GDP. .

Monday, September 14, 2015

for 8 years now i have been studying the annual cycle of this MIT competition -see opening student networking announcement of year below - a key element in making mit the number 1 jobs creating alumni network in the world- thats in terms of direct enumerated start ups of mit graduates- thats different from what is the impact of a stanford graduate like andrew ng in whether open learning satellite world makes or breaks 

MIT media networking
-fortunately in the 1980s i led a 4-hemisphere team of then young graduates in using mit database software sponsored by 50 of the world's 100 biggest brand corporations to develop the greatest information bank on social purposes of global market sectors -and while most academics play annual musical chairs the professors who commercialised express software are still at mit and harvard linking in the most extreme innovators boston millennials have to offer

one of our dreams was to make a mooc uniting competitions- thus was to have been launched at the nobel peace summits (cape town 014, atlanta 015) that were also preparing curriculum of mandelas legacy- but twice now greedy or noisy social pr agents have ruined this meta-collaboration process at least from the viewpoint of maximising value for african diaspora students and their ihub solutions networks- and integrating chinese millennials friendships in their borderless world -www.economistchina.net 

a second dream this september was to unite latin american demand solution competitions and blum berkeley global poverty curriculum with the millennial alumni of  week before - ie the pope's visit - and the week after is start of world bank year in lima- if you have a contribution to make this it would be timely and of course i will reference in the diary a vatican education thinktank asked my friends in february to maintain out of dc

of course we love to hear of your millennials collaboration dreams to especially in time to positively gossip through chinese hubs in silicon valley - the space where researchers at economistuniversity.com believe after 44 years of reporting sustainability goals learning networks will be won or lost 

mit entrepreneur competition is a best in kind which other competitions can learn from

could you do 2 things if this mail is relevant to you

if another competition format is critical to your networks tell us which it is -eg the competition that links ihubs and hackathons mainly as an africa social movement but that could connect 4 hemispheres of millennials hubs

if you want to content edit and distribute a monthly newsletter which announces ahead of time mit and other student competitions in what is the UN's first year of sustainability millennials please say

if you think you have something of value to be introduced on linkedin to the 2 students who ran the 2012-2013 version of mit100k and therefore have the most scaled links in entrepreneur competitions of anyone of their age please tell me or fady who journalises boston's ecosystem weekly

mit is critical in many other ways

to mostofas 6000 youth in dubai as the middle east sponsors most of the edgiest development work and students mit linkins

to the future of mobile women empowerment - the digital wizards whose code designed the worlds largest cashless banks mpesa and bkash - have an MIT club where they share all knowhow

mit remains the space where berners lee fights all battles around ever value of openness and so freedom of learning

bostons' ecosystem is second to none to be a change the world development graduate in - in another cluster of colleges - 30 years of jim kim and paul farmer work was born

there is also an amusing story told to me directly by the professor at sloan management school who has spent 25 years building patient capital venture investors around mit competition students- when a student comes up with an idea that can make money but is sustainability useless we send him over the road to harvard-  Built to Flip  Topica Email List Directory

meanwhile the professor who used to lead such financial flipping has been converted on health markets at least by jim kim whose time as president of dartmouth was spent co-authoring papers with him

cheers chris macrae www.rowp.tv dc mobile 240 316 8157

Sunday, September 13, 2015

help us list resources that twin chinese and other mikkennials in sustainable businesses and livelihood networks -eg Le Marche Chinois Chunyan Li - more
rsvp isabella@unacknowledgedgiant.com

where do you hear about such resoirces - in our cases a great listening post is culturally smart tv stationa- we recommend france 24 and china's cctv as starting points