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Monday, January 9, 2017

friends of norman macrae
I think you know that story of how girls built bangladesh was father's last project- and that 30 years earlier his survey of china had demanded we all help china open source jobs creating education Curriculum of Entrepreneurial Revolution -77 China Blossoms -it also bridged nicely my maternal grandfather's (sir kenneth kemp, uncle david's father) mistakes in 25 years of mediating mahatma gandhi and his last job the legalese of india's independence 

unfortunately i messed up in taking 20 youth to celebrate muhammad yunus in dhaka and sampling 2000 of his books, 10000 dvds, 15000 issues of journal- our 2 big projects anchored out of glasgow
-college of last mile health servants
-adam smith scholars and yunus rewrite poverty ending economics and education systems

My error was sir fazle abed of brac (Tahsinah's leader) should have been celebrated worldwide as youth world's most connected educator- ironically he's also an alumni of glasgow university who's principal is an italian who doesnt seem to understand the connections between jim kim and pope francis and sir fazle abed and xi jinping- ironically fathers main italian translator of entrepreneurial revolution in 1976 was romano prodi who went on not seeming to understand the franciscan way at the european union the network whose birth dad was only journalist of at messina onceinageneration

so is there a way to reconnect things in the bottom up collaboration sequence that I utterly failed to do

if you track the brand dna of how brac (and all the greatest bottom up partners -practical professions , and system designers like dads friend george soros in sustainability goals education and financial inclusion) became the most collaborative end poverty microfranchise network long before digital  mobility and how this  all started with infant and maternal health

first scaling oral hydration and then other basic solutions to not lettting mothers and infants die evolved into creating 100000 para health village women servants as the core of brac's grassroots human networks, soon accompanied by 40000 literacy montessori village school that first trained enough illiterate mothers before focusing on prinary children  

By turning mothers into life- savers of infants oral rehydation was the cultural magic that ended the male muslim (i mean extreme rural poverty) culture that village mothers as the ,most isolated people in the world were locked away to produce 10 children in hope that 2 boys world survive- and so girls life expectancy went up and by having maximum of 3 children they could start to be income earning provided they were trained around microfranchises around which sir fazle redesigned value chain of agricultural markets (first partnering with china on bottom up rice productivity) so that smallest poorest hardworking ladies could exchange value  (in fact sir fazle modeled all of his bottom up learning networks on franciscan paulo freire as later did paul farmer and jim kim though they claim more of a faith inspiration than friere's education one)
-we urgently need all of above linked in before argentina g20 in 2018 - that way any walls cauised by brexit or trump will collapse as china's 1.3 billion taoist people takes over bottom-up editing in chief of the open learning collaborations with worldwide youth (half the world who are under 30) and their sustainbility goals
few more jottings on last mile medical future history which bbc failed to celebrate at opening of olympics with berners lee (www hall of fame for 2 most   microeconomicsits - women -florence nightingale ; men berners lee)

by the time paul farmer and jim kim founded partners in health 1987 as medical anthropologist alumni of harvard who used haiti village as their student exchange lab - sir fazle had already found that ending tuberculosis was best served by those who were immune because they had survived tuberculosis- dad's friend george soros sponsored farmer and kim to start taking this solution from latin america (peru) to russian prisons where dissidents (ie gorbachev;s friends were now chained) and later to liberia a country soros partnered with brac in starting to develop after the genocide was over- without that very basic infrastructure of last mile health ending ebola would have been even harder

i understand that localising segmented life saving health services is opposite process of requiring total qualifications to be  a 5* nurse or doctor

actually sir fazle had first tried and failed to adapt china's barefoot doctor program- there  werent enough doctors in bangladesh of the 1970s and the vast majority of those were not franciscans who wanted to live in villages with no electricity, no communications and most risk of plagues

it shocks me to the core that this number 1 curriculum of village jobs and bottom up professional service was nowhere taught in rich nations when i followed yunus around to 50 university campuses mainly in usa and uk in 2008 which is why we  accidentally invested in yunus to take this to next level with his then core leadership of village mobile phones 

ironically gordon browns chief of staff has been asking me how does sir fazle abed want to contribute to the 30 national leaders brown has linked together including kim and jack ma committing to uniting the smartest learning generation

what those 30 leader really need to do is convene one meeting at brac where they go through the order of missing curricula interventions that brac has designed over 45 years around empowering girls- if people are serious about sustainability goals out of every community the fact is that while there the only mothers are women it will always be the case that the source of extreme challenges to a community's sustainability hit on girls first -in other woprd women have to be the greatest innovators not scientific males where we need einstein and von neuman system designs of mapping at more micro detail - for some strange reason academics make that terminology complicates - see nanotechnology partners of www.amma.org

I am sure that the  people in this TO list
1 understand far better than my summary what i have just reported
2 can find a way to brief gordon brown

both ian and sarah were at dads remembrance party at The Economist. Ian has co-worked longest with me in trying to change mass media of hi tech brands. His current city of london friends include a lady who has just been headhunted by prince charles from leading the marketing of one of the biggest insurance companies leaving the reality tv producer richard curtis with project everyine-   women empowerment is her (prince charles trust newest chief networker) deepest joy. Sarah (Lord Sainsbury's daughter) has partnered with prince charles at Ashden Awards, sustainable and renewable energy in the UK and developing world on the leading microsolar worldwide prize network and attended the fashion4development annual  luncheon hosted by 50 first ladies the day before the start of the un year on the occasion that they made sir fazle abed their main laureate

George professor of medicine at melbourne with the lancet is open sourcing a curriculum of adolescent health which may turn out to be almost as revolutionary in scaling as the basic service of infant and maternal health

I think if gordon brown understood this chronology he could make sir fazle abed's 80th birthday wish come true - namely that gordon jack ma and jim kim as 3 most jobs and girls empowerment connectors of the greatest #learninggeneration visit brac- so far all of kim gordon and bill gates sent youtibe telegrams on sir fazle 80th birthday party but havent evidently asked him for ideas on linking in b=greatest #learninggeneration- he was very clear when we asked him - please help china and bangladesh digitally interconnect poorest women and vilage entrepreneurs and open educators

so all we have so far is 4 chinese girls editing a newsletter of what is going on in china for sir fazle- two of them know jack ma's biographer at tsinghua university; ms ying lowrey who is a fascinating character as her first job was as a barefoot doctor and tsinghua is one of the space jinping public servants and jack ma's craziest digital entrepreneurs brainstorm privately at least once a year; 2017 is the ,ost critical year in china to as for his second 5 year term jinping is allowed to choose 6 of the top 7 people; at jim kim's second 5 year term which also started in 2017 there is no such good fortune instead a paul romer who doesnt understand the most revolutionary technology of all micro-empowerment blockchain and whose knowledge of indias and bangladesh is not great and as yet i havent interviewed him on china

probably gordon brown needs to tour tsinghua- it has other exciting connectors- eg the branch of brookings at tsinghua is led by someone who spent his life on green energy while the branch of brookings where i live in washington dc has a china research unit whose leader writes up the  english language version of future diaries of jinping and g20 leaders and brics and one belt partnerships (china smartly and so far peacefully unites nations in clusters with segmented sustainability crises) and shares this with kissinger and 100 chinese americans he has most trusted to build goodwill between the 2 countries for nearly 30 years EVENT: Henry A. Kissinger Keynotes Committee of 100 Event "U.S.-China Relations in the Trump-Xi Era" in New York | December 14, 2016 - Committee of 100

amy (alizee) has tracked reporting of this over the last 18 months in usa - her first experience outside of china where she graduated in biotechnology but found like jack ma that her initial job prospects were only amplified by teaching herself english language- this should be god news from british council and british aid- father's 1984 book predicted the 3 main literacies of global village civics youth in addition to mother tongue that every 21st c kid should have nearly free access to :
chinese, english, coding maths
british aid as dfid now calls itself remains the greatest intergenerational investor in brac though georges country australia is now partnering in that and much smarter at partnering jack ma than the uk

finally where i first found brac, tania zaman kindly introduced me - she was then sir fazle abed's chief of brand chartering - she and the head of brac bank attended yunus 69th birthday party which father sponsored and where the bbc climate reporter and colleague of sarah and prince charles paul rose joined in- that was 2009; in 2010 yunus completely lost the bank and hasina's governmengt also took over the part of grameen phone he had owned on behalf of poorest village women; by 2012 sir fazle abed and the ambassador of japan to dhaka were kindly celebrating das remembrances with 2 roundtables on how brac needed to build the world's largest cashless bank www.bkash.com - this is the best that can be done if universal mobile connectivity is only text based; if you want the best when it is smart phone based you go and tour hangzhou as 17 g20 leaders did with great relish but english speaking obama and may were not in the right mood to do

Back at yunus 69th birthday party in 2009 was where we found out that yunus was most displeased to have a birthday wish brainstorming- unknown to me he was already losing control of his bank and turning into the most departnentalised of bottom fundraiser not the most open of girls empowerment educators- meanwhile there was an argument between yunus and the leader of his green energy division in which yunus second daughter and barua's son got messed up in

sorry if this story was too long - the devil of how to end poverty is always in a web of family details with every expert knowing one piece of the story but usually not enough of all parts to dare to let children know all about this at k-12

chris macrae washington text/mobile dc 240 316 8157 http://alumnisat.com   http://www.economistuniversity.com/