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thanks china
for hostong 5 most educational banking summits 2020 miami 19 luxembourg 18 mumbai 17 jeju 16 beijing
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china as peace provider ..foreign affairs transcripts. ...sec5...un as peacemaking benchmark? more youth markets win-win
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China Report of year 2018 -coming soon slideshow of
18 october 2008 5 year party congress beijing -related women hold sky miracles BRAC economistasean.com BRI 1 2

Global2.0 declarations with 100 friends of Xi Jinping -Xiamen(Brics Plus), Beijing (Belt Road), WEF (Jan 2017), UN 2015, Tajikstan 2013, Beijing 1996

#theeconomist good news youth sustain livelihoods & planet map links- fall 17 edu reports unesco, brookings, world bank- navigating 11 win-win trading zones - China and 10 Latin America. 9 Africa, 8 Med Sea 7 Corridor of Stans and mid east; 6 N America :: EURASIA 5 West Europe 4 East Europe 3 Russia 2 India (including bangladesh myanmar corridor) 1 Pacific East ), 0 Inside China questions text usa 240 316 8157 chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk good news korea (+79 nations) empowered by jinping's aiib2017 take climate goals collaboration race to new level- green big bang 1 2 world record book of job creation help! top 20 Economist challenges

Friday, July 21, 2017

china thinktanks -bejing

GIRLS  map where to POP with Ma, Xi, Sir Fazle-more good news for global2.0 youth - beijing probably spends 50 times more on sustainability goals race than usa did in racing to moon in 1960s; these people are not rivals in politics, not measured by quarterised metrics- they are united in mediating 17 goals for rejuvenating china and worldwide partners (turn leadership summits into local edu curricula) in what can be the greatest time for developing people everywhere- why else have we spent 1000 times more on comstec now versus 1946
news (xinhua agency)  founded 1937 -leader Cai Mingzhao
national school for development peking u -yao yang -eg march publishes book on going beyond aid and china's lead of this - so-author gwu
inst contemporary studies tsinghua u -hu angang  -eg inaugurates sdg space (TUSDG) and connection belt road
national ac of dev and strategy renmin u -liu wei  -eg 26 may -lecture on xi-trump us meet guested by cheng li
CCIEE China Center Intl Economic Exchanges (social) - zeg peiyan -eg helped organise intellectual silk road hosted for cpc - role of think tanks -2015 4th global thinktank summit included prodi

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Governor Won's launch of green big bang club during AIIB2017:
  1. goal to assemble 2000 governors who want to benchmark how their places and peoples race to carbon zero
  2. Jeju fluid position as newly people autonomous region regarding national curricula at schools and college level

1 From work at World Possible (the number 1 space for cataloguing open learning content eg khan academy) advice is keep all national curricula digital not paper-based - that way everyone can dashboard back skills and apprenticeship dynamics of livelihood learning

2 Consider empowering students and teachers to curate something halfway between a carbon zero huffington post and wikipedia- critical is inviting in the sources -eg would someone from your team join in, from Prince Charles at ashden.org and BBC nature teams at ashden, from british council climate-culture champions program- who would china choose as sources to balance participation all across key crossroads of belt road; and given next G20 in Argentina- how to choose someone close to pope's encyclical on climate and fusion with Argentina's sherpa networks- now that Germany G20 is over the next 350 days of latin culture's connections with Sino-UN-Americas is absolutely critical - there is no other world staged latin forum mapped over next 3.5 years of Trump and Jinping even though Franciscans and Confucians value youth/girl empowerment in ways of deepest relevance to the 17 sustainability goals   

3 involve Brookings both at Tsinghua and DC- while he was still head of Brookings Bill Antholis:
1 appointed leading green think tanker in Beijing to head Brookings at Tsinghua
2 involved basketball superstar Yao Ming in maximising education friendships
3 just this week CGTN has been discussing the new book on chinese thinktanks by brooking scholar and biographer of Xi Jinping : Cheng Li

4 involve four people first from Gordon Brown and the UN's 30 leaders of the education commission ie Gordon Brown, Jim Kim, Jack Ma, the female governor of Tokyo- Belt-Road new infrastructure mapping questions include: China's G20 preparation involved youth and citizens in digital, green finance, maximising SME value chains- whats the opportunity now so that green big bang club and AIIB gain massive youth action networking before Argentina; Ma already puts 0.3% of AliBaba revenues into green- is there some way that eg he might want to sponsor AI to match context of green big bang race to zero carbon- and how does all this connect with AliBaba being main sponsor of Olympics in Tokyo paris (climate 199 nations published plans) and la- how can sustainability youth livelihood summaries of every relevant Jeju summit with its great conference centre connect with the greatest education and green summits -right now the wise summit that sir fazle was first education laureate is at a crossroads because of Qatar issues but it had already massively scaled alumni through wise@beijing and wise@madrid- should there be a wise@jeju - or if qatar is too complex at moment what about dubai's million dollar teachers prize- could there be a second million dollar teachers prize of carbon-zero societies

5 Chinese students have championed a very simple economic point - how can youth champion sustainability goals when they dont speak each others languages? (eg excluding diaspora less than 7% of Chinese speak English and vice versa)- why not make Jeju schools a world epicentre initially in 4 second languages Korean Chinese Japanese and English (as well as others who want to join in); Jeju can become the world's number 1 penpal2.0 network in second languages as well as matching its interests in ecootourism- 10 times more affordable second language competence is possible if you make languages a major reason why Jeju youth social mediate with global youth

6 Optimalise access to coding and apps curricula as well as youth knowhow to brainstorm how blockchain will link in climate zero's race 

We see that a much more inclusive brainstorm list can be assembled by Jeju, AIIB, the G20 road to Argentina and other global 2.0 races china and UN Guterres are helping youth celebrate

but we hope a version of this idea gets to governor won in case its timely; the next meeting in Dhaka of quarterbilliongirls club as annual 80th birthday wish present around sir fazle is due in early august before Chinese female graduates start massively  student union we-chats of 2017-2018

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

happy 21 again to me and...
thank you beijing for the 7 most exciting journeys of my life
7 to jeju korea  hosted 2nd governors summit of beijing led asian infrastructure investment bank
6 to observe belt road firum
5 to participate in 3 extroardinary meeting hosted by romano prodi and hunbdereds of the brightest students i have ever met - sopcial shoutout to lily at bridges cafe
4 to attend the most exciting education sumit i have experienecd wise@beijing
3 to watch china g20 on tv - back in usa there wouldnt have been a minutes coverage
2 to help chiense ediprs of www.quarterbilliongirls.com lanuch the sino-brac newsletter
1 to chat to tsinghua alumni and student coorinatiors of http://aliresearch.com

and thanks to jack ma for the only summit in usa i have been able to find of more collaborative and actionable good than harm this century www.gateway17.com

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

summer udpate of where to celebrate with ma, xi and sir fazle

Ma's latest appearance -region 9 Rwanda HIs most strategic sightings in 2017 10 argentina; 1 malaysia; 6 detroit

Main map 0 hangzhou, beijing , china villages and cloud; 1 taiwan, hong kong, tokyo (olympics 2020) australia, malaysia, 5 scotland via gordon brown, paris (olympocs); 6 stanford, canada, LA (Olympics) ,Detroit; 9 Rwanda with Unctad, 10 Argentina (EWTP and prep Argentina G20 summer 2018)

Xi- beijing may toip leaders around world congrtualte xi for gsraing globa 2.0 in mappable form belt road forum - later in june 80 nations at aiib2017 agree to help xi with the big - how to get all of the world's regions top bank for green infsratryctiure projects with tghe gudto that china and east alredy do; jeju governor launches race to unite 2000 goivernors in zero carbon place leadership; next review of these puzzles mumbai aiib2018; turn g20 hangzhou 2016 and Argenetina 2018 (into transformation of education curriucual)

Sie Fazle Abed  

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Today, Special Olympics announced Chinese actress Zhou Xun as a Global Ambassador during the charity concert "One Night" in Beijing.

Zhou Xun - Wikipedia

Zhou Xun (born 18 October 1974) is a Chinese actress and singer. She gained international fame for her earlier roles in Suzhou River (2000) and Balzac and ...

Xun Zhou - IMDb

Xun Zhou, Actress: Cloud Atlas. Zhou Xun is an internationally acclaimed Chinese actress and singer. She caught international attention through her roles in ... Married Archie Kao rose to fame with Power Rangers, CSI, and Chicago PD and then became one of People Magazine's Hottest Bachelors in 2006.

Zhou Xun - DramaWiki

Apr 18, 2017 - Profile. Name: 周迅 / Zhou Xun; English name: Jue Zhou; Profession: Actress, singer and model; Birthdate: 1976-Oct-18 (age 40); Birthplace: ...
Weight‎: ‎48kg
Talent agency‎: ‎Zhou Xun Studio
Height‎: ‎160cm

Zhou Xun + Archie Kao Wedding Exclusive - YouTube

Jul 16, 2014 - Uploaded by alivenotdead
One Night - 周迅+ 高圣远结婚会July 16, 2014 - Hangzhou - Asian American Actor ...

Zhou Xun - MyDramaList

Zhou Xun is a Chinese actress and singer. She is regarded as one of the "Four Dan Actresses" of China. Zhou enrolled at the Zhejiang Arts Institute to further her ...

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Future Viits of Xi JInping
July 3-6 : Russia and Germany folowed by 2017's G20 hosted by Germany

Xi to visit Russia, Germany, attend G20 summit   (G B)
Xinhua-33 minutes ago

Story image for germany g20 2017 from The Hankyoreh

S.Korean president to attend G20 summit in Germany

Xinhua-1 hour ago
SEOUL, June 27 (Xinhua) -- South Korean President Moon Jae-in will attend the Group of 20 (G20) summit meeting scheduled in Germany ...

Story image for germany g20 2017 from Reuters

Germany to focus on free, fair trade at G20 summit: Merkel

Reuters-Jun 20, 2017
German Chancellor Angela Merkel attends the German Industry Day, hosted by the BDI industry association, in Berlin, Germany, June 20, 2017 ...
Merkel says US 'most welcome' at G20 summit in Germany
ABC News-Jun 19, 2017

German G20 Presidency supports Ghana

GhanaWeb-18 hours ago
The German G20 Presidency's resolve to renew efforts of cooperation and enhance sustainable economic development saw it launch the G20 ...

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Why is Jack Ma suddenly being so modest? For 45 years now The Economist http://economistchina.net has debated how and why youth's most inspiring entrepreneurial revolutionary will value mapping the learning and sustainability economy as 10 times more valuable than the carbon extraction and non renewable economy. He shouldn't be aiming to make youths and the web's most trusted economy 5th to 4 gdp ratings economies. Empowering youth and educators with all the solutions they need to open source and action network to achieve all 17 sustainability goals is so much bigger than that . More at our gateway group for linking in the world's most trusted economies https://lnkd.in/dJMbvGT https://lnkd.in/RCwmPe