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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

BEIJING, Sept. 26 (Xinhua) - China has released a five-year plan on its rural vitalization strategy, the first of its kind, mapping out a number of major projects, programs and actions.
The plan was released by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the State Council.
The rural vitalization strategy is "a major historic task for securing a decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and for fully building a modern socialist country," the plan said,
The document outlines key tasks for the 2018-2022 period toward the strategy's overall goal of building rural areas with thriving businesses, pleasant living environments, social etiquette and civility, effective governance, and prosperity.
Focusing on the factors of humans, land and funds, the plan makes arrangements on speeding up the work to grant permanent urban residency to rural people moving to cities, strengthening talent support for rural vitalization, guaranteeing land supply for the strategy's implementation, diversifying sources of investment, improving financial support and other tasks.
The rural vitalization strategy was put forward at the 19th CPC National Congress last year.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

dear song and others - i will need to re-edit this several times- along my 8 trips to china usually accompanied by a chinese student translator my memory didnt expect them to disappear the way we've seen

T0 tsinghua T1 Ying Lowrey alireseach.com jack ma's main academic in beijing -tsinghua's lead professor of how to change sme (Small Medium Enterprise) value chains especially with tech- author with 20 students on his 2 most detailed books up to retiring to education- been asked will she move to hangzhou to bio his next leap

T.10 is university for future of public service-
T,1.1 its university deaned by electronic engineers -
partners include tsinghua-mit tsinghua-brookings 
 it is largest user of moocs sharing its ideas with students across china- it coordinates the 5000 smartest china graduates who spend their first year after graduation SERVING CHINA  living in villages to audit what tech they need- and with peking and renmin which are both 10 minutes walk all top international exchange students linkin  yenchjng scholars
T1.1 ying also spends summers connecting countries - this year sweden last year italy, year before germany as well as her 20 plus years in usa and her mentor edmund spence columbia
scholars create friendship exchanges but also linkin chambers of commerce - i was in beijing when my fathers friend romano prodi from italy and former head of eu was spending week with students and the italian chamber of commerce- both tsinghua and the commerce region have a huge bookshop for opens space student meetings - called bridge cafe run by lilly near tsinghua and called bookworm near the international chambers if commerce whose owner is alosovery friendly to lively youth meetups

china needs to create livelihoods for half a billion under 30s  -and it would prefer to do so with south asia's half billion if led by poorest girls solutions and billion person universal id of nilekani- bkash is supposed to be the fintech for that bit where the flip is the livelihood-edu tech

- since it has not grown up with opposite of an economy and media skewed to vested interests of social security for elders and the way that spirals health service costs  - in most family trees the one child today is expected to be elders security - not to create half a billion youth livelihoods (and social global trade routes) would be political suicide in china- and the good news is well over 80% of sustainability solutions-livelihoods need replicating across worldwide communities - quarrels over who took what manufacturing jovs are historical nonsense - unless an nation continues them for long in which case it will be walled out from rest of the world

T01 world largest tech suburb Tsungua headed by an electronic engineer also responsible for world largest tech entrepreneur hubs that begin at tsinghua gate- if at mit there is 1 square mile of tech hubs- at tsinghua its 9 square miles all walkable- most of this has grown in last  6 years since jinping made 5 million youth startup his goal for 2017 with a bit of private advice form jack ma- jack helped co-host the china g20 the first in the sustainability goal era- he is ordered to chair the club of top 50 businessmen who care more about china development than money- they also meet near near tsinghua- any country that values its youth futures should work out which of its unis partners tsinghua from this day on
T02 china didnt really go G3 it leapt to G4 assuming smart phones were the connector of any futures youth needed to network across worlds communities- heavens knows what it the china diaspora superports.  korea and japan will do assuming they bury their old enmities- jack is already putting 15 billion into what tech DAMO supercity academy must be humanised by 2025- in tandem schwab of WEF has opened up the first 3 industrial revolution 4 hubs in silicon valley tokyo and at last weeks forum beijing

both jack and xi live what they speak- jack from age 11 was creating livelihoods with english language tourism - xi age 16 was sent to a rural area with no electricity-his publications out of poverty date with 1988 - he was given a chest of textbooks that he would have used at high school but expected to study agricultural poverty at same time before taking real cases to tsinghua- a bit like paul farmer studied real village health problems before studying medicine at harvard- i would be surprised it there is inst anything on village crop science jinping isnt linked into quizzing- drones too are vert big in e-agri

Guterres has an agreement with xi jinping the un in china will be all action networking in contrast with the UN in NY often being all chat- that is why spring 2019 will be biggest youth innovation debrief of any class year yet- as we as the first of the last 12 years to sustainability
Inline image

guterres has ordered jack ma and melinda gates to lead 20 global brainstrust in reporting digital cooperation - aliresearch will youth summit that out of beijing while guterres and jinping will give it to 100 national leaders debating belt road maps and knowledge for sharing universally  whats possible 

here is a typical list of chinese educators- they turn up at educators summits where the majority are under 35 - they are so far ahead of what to do when the computers is the most fact-smart resource in the school that it make american educators sound as if they are locked away in the stone age

unfortunately the greatest ever education summit i have attended used chiense language and wechat as its main before and after networking - oirking out who to be the translations of that is urgent for anyone with a future linking with jack's focus form 2019 on education and philanthropy and olympics youth creative arts expos

T02 in china old academics are not rewarded to be guros - they are quizzed on chinas main broadcasting channel (inmcluding a whole chanel called new money son to be accompanied by one on new education - china claims its 4 innovations to share across a global village world with are the two ma is in middle of ecoommerce Gateway '17 and mobile cash and shared trains and shared bicycles) by female interiewers half their age as to which of their tech savvy youth will soon be smarter than they are-

if it comes to what could we co-create with smart economics as opposed to how do we stop mess compounding away then china's smartest economist under 35 year old on secondemnt to the lse - she happenes to be the daughter of the president of aiib and he has headhunted the wisest english speaking financier to be his number 2 sir danny alexander

all this aligns with dads 1970s prediction on mobile transformation and the race for little sistet system designs to prevent the big brother endgame - is in line with my fathers prediction that we would get to stage age of compuonding 1000 times more mobile tech than 1946 where half of the most valuable new stuff to co-creaet with has been innovated in the last 5 years-- jack ma is only one example of tech leaders who mean it when they say theiy youth hires must be smarter than their elders- a  also to crossfunctioanlly link to up to 50 china thinktanks- major thinktanks are responsible for at least one world class beijing summit per year- additionally china never had big compamies led by bricks/property speculation- they are supposed to lead on digital - accelerate the 4th industrial revolution- china is way ahead on G5 but never really had G3 - so it leapt in at G4 which is why china alows the 3 massive ecosystems ca;led alibaba tencent and baidu- they watch out- if someone treid ti do a facebook in china they would go to prison for life - chna is miles ahead on how to prevent fake media -china also still believes mainly in open source - all human AI is supposed to linkin round eg jack ma in china and jerry yang in stanford and offers a bridge to japan and china finally making friends- if american government really think they are te h ahead of japan korea china china superports if all these nations connectong sustainabiliuty youth, then america is madder collectively than trump\ is individually- if a country still has development goals it should look at what it can partner with china- bkash is only one case in point

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

China's global vision: Maritime Silk Road forum
2018-09-19 19:03 GMT+8
Updated 2018-09-19 19:22 GMT+8
‍The 21st Century Maritime Silk Road China (Guangdong) International Communication Forum kicked off on Wednesday in Zhuhai.
Chinese officials, business tycoons, and company executives gathered in the city at the southern end of the Pearl River Delta in China's Guangdong province to explore the business and cultural aspects of the trade route.
The 21st Century Maritime Silk Road was a part of the Belt and Road Initiative, which marks its fifth anniversary this year. 
"Over the past five years, the total trade volume of China with countries along the trade route is registered over five trillion US dollars," said Shen Haixiong, vice minister of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee and president of the China Media Group (CMG), while delivering a speech at the forum.
Shen Haixiong, vice minister of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee and president of the China Media Group attends the forum and delivering a speech on Wednesday in Zhuhai. /CGTN Photo
Shen also opposes the ongoing protectionism and unilateral trade, and urges for the global free trade system to be protected in order to maintain the multilateral trade. He believes in promoting the creation of a community with a shared future for humanity.
Proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping back in 2013, the Maritime Silk Road Forum, which aims to revive the ancient trade routes and strengthen regional inter-communication, bears China's new global vision.
This year, Chinese delegates will be will be discussing how to improve mainland companies, especially how to get those in Guangdong to venture abroad. Guangdong's total import and export volume reached 6.82 trillion yuan with a growth rate of eight percent compared to the previous year, according to a report released at the forum.
(Cover: The 21st Century Maritime Silk Road China International Communication Forum kicks off on Wednesday at Zhuhai in China's southern Guangdong province. /CGTN Photo)

world economic forum opens up 4th industrial revolution hub in beijing - part of triad with san francisco and tokyo

Sunday, September 2, 2018

since arts connections connect with every belt road not just dhaka (and the epicentre of jack's interests from the olympics onwards) we urgently need to connect with chinese people who do podcasts that celebrate china's rebirth as world's co-creativity leader and sustainability's last call-please join in here

do you have bios of the 2016 winners- my memory is they were all chinese- we invited them to a session moderated by amy where they were each given a book on conscious capitalism at the new york film studio john mackey uses - mackey has since been taken over by amazon whose second headquarters chinese american public servants in my home region are waiting to welcome as is bezos best friend sports impressario ted leonsis and his fellow aol billionnaires who now run the 1776 hub amongst other things

please ask mostofa to introduce you to ying or marina (the main italy branch of yings work; get started with the italian student exchanges and i can get in with the italian chamber of commerce  in beijingwhom I am known at) one of the group of people around her and connecting thousands of students through open spaces at the bridge cafe owned by lily- we need to build arts connections out of beijing - bangladesh (with exception of japan embassy) is nit interested in that dimension of jack ma yet- as they have been brioefed the pope is the mumner 1 person in europe President CXi wants to meet off camera

additionally wise at 21st c learning is the most connected part of education we need- until brac people visit beijing we are missing all the possibilities of edutech that china leads - we need to find one of yings students who is interested in education and can help you talk to 21st century learning who connect with all these chinese leaders

additionally i very much need to understand anything un organises out of beijing - historically this hasnt been much but guterres has promised this will be more and more-  each year jinping hosts the 6 plus one- notes from this event are hugely important as guterres lagarde jim kim know their work (all sustainability bankers) depends on jinping not on trump (they are not permitted to say this in usa but then the media here is terminally sick)- april 2019's beijing belt raid meeting will be sustainability's most iporant event ever- how can we get student union classes 2018-2019 beamed up to this instead of end;less examination crap

Fortunately architecture however expensive or globally fashionable is local - that is why the mit architecture school rebranded themselves as the digital media lab in the 1990s and its why the committee of 100 was sustained by the world famous chinese american - the one who built the pyramid at the louvre -accidentally the second most important ;person at the c100 is jerry yang who now acts as jacks ma's chief scout at stanford as well as gobetween japan softbank and yahoo japan economistwebs.com alibabauni.com 

the chinese dream connection is that the silk road is about culture and digital and everything youth can newly connect locally with big for small analytics and design- while you need infrasrtucture to begin this every new belt raid bridge is an opportunity to invest in what mark calls sdg economic zones- guterres and jinping are already debating this but as yet they dont really have educators doing the job they need (anywhere except inside china)- that's where javeed's connections with http://www.hujiang.com come in - unfortunately hujiang is shanghai based as is a lot of stuff my frienns needed to be connecting by now but havent - does the design competition have anyone you know well who is shanghai based

we need one page of notes on above by mid october when i will be at the biannual event organised by unctad = at the moment the network which helps jack ma make the most student connections across countries whose leaders still want youth to develop